Congratulations! We’re Super Excited To See You Here Inside The Rapid Profit System!

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Hey! Congratulations! We’re super excited to see you here inside the Rapid Profit System.

We need to go over a few things here before you move on to the next page so please take a few minutes to watch the video above and read this page.

You now have access to our proven system for creating consistent affiliate commissions on JVZoo. This is the EXACT blueprint that we’ve used to target audiences, create bonuses and run affiliate campaigns that have made us $269,868.63 so far.

Just like a blueprint to build a house you just follow the steps and get to work. As long as you’ve got the time and the discipline you can apply everything to the letter and make big commissions.

But If You’re Short On Time, Don’t Like Work, And Want To Be Accelerated Directly To The Money...

Listen Up!

Because on this page you're getting the one-time opportunity to get your hands on the exact same tools that we personally use to rake in commissions on JVZoo day in and day out.

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Accelerate Yourself To The Profits With The RPS TURBO Package!

The most important part of the RPS system is the BONUS INCENTIVES that will practically FORCE prospects to buy through YOUR affiliate link.

As a matter of fact, quality bonus products are SUCH an important part of the affiliate marketing process that, 2 years ago Melinda and I hired a full time transcriptionist AND and a full time content editor solely to create bonus products out of our content.

We’ve proven that the more bonuses you can offer THE MORE CONSISTENT MONEY YOU WILL MAKE. ...That's A Fact.

That's why we hired this team to turn all of my personally recorded lesson material into digital products!

And… FOR TWO YEARS STRAIGHT they have been doing nothing else… THAT'S OUR SECRET to offering more bonuses and its how YOU CAN MAKE MORE AFFILIATE SALES!

Your basic RPS package included only 5 of those products, and that’s AWESOME for starters but once you start seeing those commissions coming in, you’re going to need MORE bonuses so you can promote MORE products and MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY.


When you invest in this TURBO upgrade for your Rapid Profit System right now, You’re getting: TWENTY more.. (Yes 20!) BRAND SPANKIN NEW, 100% unique bonus products that you can use in your own campaigns to keep the money coming in consistently!

  • The ORIGINAL Content
  • The PDF eBook
  • The Editable Text Documents
  • The Book & Cover Graphics (including PSD’s)

This is TOP QUALITY material and outsourcing this kind of production would easily cost you $1000 PER PRODUCT to create..

Check Out All The Brand New Products You Get Inside With Your Turbo Upgrade:

And There's MORE!

Your Turbo Upgrade Also Includes

We’re hooking you up with 4 MORE Custom OP2 Bonus Page Templates that are READY TO USE right out of the box.

And don’t worry, we’ve selected the products for you and you’re getting GUARANTEED APPROVAL to promote.

These Optimize Press Page Templates are custom made by my “in house team” and are guaranteed to hypnotize your prospects and convert them into buyers!

RPS - 4 Customized Bonus Templates

These FOUR tested and optimized Custom OptimizePress Bonus Templates feature unique product specific graphics and branding to match 4 proven high converting products. In addition, they also match perfectly with the Crush Campaigns you get below, creating a powerful and profitable promo. Save yourself a ton of time and expense!


You’re Also Getting 4 MORE

Imagine being able to make $1000 a day, $2000 a day or even $5000 a day in commissions!

This is what our patented Fast Cash "Crush Campaign" has done for people time and time again. It's literally spewed out millions of dollars in fast commissions because it works.

You get the 4 campaign templates... one to use with each of the 4 custom bonus pages!

This truly is the "secret weapon" some of the world's top affiliates are using and now it's yours.

RPS - 4 Pre-Written Crush Campaigns

These FOUR pre-written and product specific Custom Email CRUSH Campaigns are proven generate thousands in commissions. As expected, they custom tailored to match perfectly with the Bonus Templates, working hand-in-hand to make you MORE money!

We're Not Done Yet...

You’re Getting My Personal

This is the swipe file to top all swipe files!

You’ll never struggle to come up with captivating email subject lines again, because I’ve put over 3000 of my own personal email subject lines into ONE document for you to easily SWIPE, DEPLOY and PROFIT.

RPS - Million Dollar Email Subjects

Coming up with new subject lines everyday is a major pain in the butt! You’ve got to keep it fresh and interesting in order to grab your subscribers attention and maximize your open rates. Here's the solution! This package includes over 2,500 of Our Highest Converting Email Subject Lines! Utilize this subject line AWESOMENESS to boost your email marketing results!

And Finally...

You’re About To Get Access To

As if 3000 subject lines wasn’t over delivering enough…

You’re about to get access to MY BROADCAST EMAIL VAULT where I keep every single email I’ve ever written and emailed to my subscribers.

Imagine being able to swipe any one of my emails - insert YOUR OWN affiliate link and blast it to your subscribers to make money like we’ve done.

You can use these as is, modify them or just draw inspiration to write your own high converting email copy!

RPS - The Email Campaign Vault

You wont ever have to suffer from "email writers block" again! We're going to give you access directly to my Private Email Archive Vault where you'll see thousands upon thousands of marketing emails that I've personally written and sent to my subscribers over the years. These emails have made us millions& now you can use them to get inspiration for your own campaigns!

And Don't Forget...

RPS - Guaranteed Promo Approval

You will get Guaranteed Approval as an affiliate for the 4 products above. The Affiliate Approval, Templates, Crush Campaigns, all work together so you can immediately start promoting using the Rapid Profit System and earning commissions as soon as possible!

THIS TURBO UPGRADE is full of ready-to-earn money-making templates, cash-churning bonus products and closely-guarded commission-creating components.

So let's talk about price., we could easily charge you $1000 for all these cash-creating tools...

But we're not going to!

They're worth much more than that and even $500 would be a fair price.

But because you've proven yourself to be an action-taker you can get your hands on the entire RPS TURBO PACKAGE UPGRADE for just $27!

Take action right now and we’ll add TURBO to your members area!

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  • The Million Dollar Email Subjects
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