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The Rapid Profit System  Can Work For YOU TOO

Even With No Techy Skills Or Prior Experience!

Read On To Discover Exactly How This

Homeless Couple Went From Being Broke To Being  Wealthy Super Affiliates On JVZoo...

This may shock you.

We are Melinda & Omar Martin, affiliate marketers from Orlando Florida.

And yes in 2003 we were homeless squatters! That picture you see was taken by candle light on the floor of an abandoned apartment that we’d snuck into for some shelter that night.

No electricity, no running water but we were smiling and thankful to have a roof over our heads.

I was once a NYC Paramedic and my soul collapsed along with the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.  My partner's death affected me deeply.

I made it to Florida with not more than two hundred bucks and a bag full of clothes. That's when I met Melinda and we set off on the roller coaster ride from hell.

Door to door sales!

We had big dreams, but in spite of all the hard work we ended up living out of my car (until I crashed it of course) and then we were both carless AND homeless!  

Homeless but never HOPELESS. We kept working hard and eventually got married, bought a house and started our online business.

The problem was quite frankly…  No one would buy from us.  Zero’s in my PayPal account everyday!

We struggled at it until we found our groove and now we’re Internet millionaires. It feels almost surreal to write those words but we’ve actually generated over 6 million dollars online with our various ventures.

You’re Reading This Because You’re Hungry.

You’re Looking For Your Groove.

Are you fed up with all the zeros you keep seeing in your JVZoo account dashboard?

Are you tired of failing to get any clicks to the products you’re trying to promote?

Do you need a reliable stream of money coming into your PayPal account everyday?

Your Luck Is About To Change!

We’ve devised a three phase system to create affiliate moolah! That's the technical term for campaigns that make money consistently.

We’ve put this method through the ringer and it's already made us over $269,868.63! Did you see that column? Let me show you that again...

Now look, I’m not saying that to impress you, I’m doing it to MOTIVATE YOU. If you’ve been struggling to make any money at all then that figure might seem incredible to you but... it's not. It's real and...

You’ve Finally Stumbled Upon
A Product That Can Help YOU Do It!


Make Money Fast WHILE Automatically Building A HUGE Audience In The Background And A Targeted List To Monetize!

This RPS method is quick and easy to implement because it just has three phases. Plus it's not some gimmick or unreliable “loophole”. We’ve been perfecting this process for years so we know its solid and even our students are kicking ass with this strategy.

The best part about this for YOU is that it creates immediate cash while building a list of prospects that you can continue to monetize for passive income LONG TERM.

I've worked with Omar and Melinda on many promotions and I can confirm the methods you're about to learn inside RPS are responsible for BIG commissions. There's no guesswork here, they're giving you everything you need to rock & roll!

Dave Nicholson
Dave Nicholson Planet Divinity, Inc

I'll keep this simple and to the point. Omar & Melinda's system helped me go from $0 to $100k per month. Seriously. Get RPS now!

Michael Cheney
Michael Cheney 7 Figure Marketer

WOW! Talk about over-delivering, they should charge MORE for this. The HLS team has gone the extra mile here and given you everything you need to pull in crazy commissions. You definitely need to be a part of this.

Daniel Sumner
Daniel Sumner Blogging & PLR Expert

Hello John Johns here, I picked up Rapid Profits System knowing that any product put out by HLS is going to be good and I was not disappointed. Omar and Melinda get a big two thumbs up on Rapid Profits System. I loved the easy to follow right to the point videos along with the easy to navigate site layout that is loaded with great information. I would recommend Rapid Profits System to anyone wanting to up improve their business.

John Johns
John Johns Internet Marketer

Omar was one of the very first people I followed in the affiliate marketing world. His training is top-notch, and the last time I followed what he said, my sales more than doubled! If you want to kick-start your affiliate marketing, or want to expand it to a whole new level, there is nobody better to listen to.

Ray Lane
Ray Lane The "Video Guy"

Rapid Profit System (RPS) has so much good information in it, that I could not describe all that I found, but what impressed me most was the level of detail that Omar & Melinda included. I love the variety of training formats so I could learn each section in the way that suited my needs the most, and you can't miss Omar's unique presentation style!

Lee Parratt
Lee Parratt Internet Marketer

Life Doesn’t Have
To Be So Hard Anymore...

Melinda and I are much better off now as a result of the RPS system but, back in 2003… we were homeless. Seriously we were squatters just trying to make enough money to eat.

We’ve all been through tough times and I may not know ‘exactly’ what you’re going through at this very moment but…  I’VE BEEN IN THIS SAME SPOT BEFORE.

I mean... Looking over yet ANOTHER sales page in hopes that this one might be the one that changes everything for you.

  • You’ve been working your butt off every day to try and make some commissions but it just isn’t happening for you. There are just way too many obstacles in your way.
  • You see OTHER people's screenshots of their JVZoo earnings on Facebook and you beat yourself up thinking “What the heck am I doing wrong?”
  • You sit at your computer night after night looking for that piece you’ve been missing, you fight to stay awake in hopes of discovering the secret that they know and you don’t. You’re looking for that trick to making commissions online but everything you try keeps failing.

You’ve Been Losing Sleep, Neglecting
The Family, Buying Product After Product, &

Something Needs To Happen Soon Or You’re Just Gonna SNAP!

Well, Take A Deep Breath And Focus On What I’m About To Say...

If you can enter text into your computer and click on your mouse then you can follow the RPS system. That’s it. There are no fancy skills required because we actually teach you the process right on your screen.

As long as you can follow directions, you’re golden pony boy!

This is NOT some long and drawn out university level course that would take months of studying to complete. As a matter of fact you can watch the entire video course and be ready for business in less than 4 hours ...from right NOW.

The training course teaches you how to set up a profit pulling campaign with the tools we provide for you right in the members area!

Once You Set Up Your First RPS Campaign You’ll Start Seeing Results Almost Immediately!

And Those Results Will Bring You A New Found HOPE!

You’ll be so excited that you’ll want to repeat the process over and over again.

Clicks will start coming in almost immediately and you’ll begin to see REAL MONEY in your PayPal account every day. Instant payments from JVZoo products that you promote using the RPS system.

You’ll be finally able to pay off those bills that have been stacking up during your “online journey”. No more dodging collection calls from creditors either, you can finally answer the phone even if you don’t recognize the number!

Enjoy time out with the family every weekend knowing that each time you glance down at your phone there are MORE COMMISSIONS COMING INTO YOUR ACCOUNT!

My wife Melinda & I have been in the Affiliate Marketing game since 2007. It was a rough start for us and we’ve had our share of ups and downs but now we pretty much dominate any affiliate contest that we’re in.

We’ve topped the sales leaderboards on some of the biggest product launches online because we perfected an “AFFILIATE FUNNEL” that incentivizes buyers with BONUS Products.

Do You Know What All Those Leaderboards Represent?


We’ve been teaching or methods for years and have had thousands of students.

BUT no one has ever seen every piece in its entirety like we are giving YOU here today!

Right NOW... Right HERE...

You Have The Opportunity To Grab Hold Of An Affiliate Marketing System
That Can Change Your Life!

More time with the ones you love the most. When you finally SEE that there’s money in your bank account you won't hesitate to take the family on that day trip you’ve been putting off.

No more worrying about unexpected bills. As your bank balance climbs you’ll feel a sense of security that you’ve been yearning for.

Enough money to comfortably cover all household expenses. Trust me when I tell you that there is nothing more relaxing and confidence inspiring than seeing commission alerts flying in on your phone all day long.

That Ain’t Lip Service Either...

Check Out What Dr. Joshi Had To Say:

"It's Pure Gold!" - Dr. Sameer Joshi

You’re about to get the RPS Video Training Course and Success TOOLS right on the other side of this page. You’ll get instant access even if it’s 3:00 AM in Zimbabwe.

The members area is broken down into 2 parts…. TRAINING and CONTENT.


Phase One

“Your Ideal Market”

We teach you EXACTLY where you can find loads of your ideal hungry buyers!

  • Finally learn the process for identifying a hungry segment that will GIVE YOU MONEY. This works in ANY niche you can think of and can be scaled to infinity.
  • Learn how to identify and INFILTRATE a profitable niche fast. You won't have to waste time and money “hoping” to make money when you’ve found a HOT niche.
  • Discover how to use BONUSES as incentives to make people buy. Most people screw this up but we’ve got it down to a science and you’ll be amazed how easy it is.
  • The 2 uncommon BONUS incentives you can easily offer with almost no work at all . This one method can quadruple the amount of buyers in your affiliate funnel.
  • Get the exact formula for getting approved to promote products on JVZoo with INSTANT COMMISSIONS. Not many people understand that there is A SPECIFIC APPROACH to getting approved and NOW YOU WILL!
  • See the little known feature tucked away deep inside JVZoo that will save you time and automate your BONUS process for you. This one is built right in to your JVZoo account and when you learn to leverage it you’ll increase your productivity by 100%!

Phase Two

“Your Affiliate Funnel”

Discover the best ways to make them WANT what you’re promoting!

  • Discover the exact AFFILIATE FUNNEL diagram that has made us millions of dollars in commissions. Your friends will envy how consistent your online income is once you put this bad boy in place.
  • Learn the TRIPLE THREAT METHOD that creates money NOW while building you a list AND an audience at the same time. Most affiliates are too lazy to set this one in place but this you’re about to learn how to do it in minutes.
  • Learn the “ACTION INCENTIVE” process that gets prospects to buy from you TODAY instead of putting it off. You’ll be creating so many killer bonus pages and winning sales contests with this strategy, that people will BEG you to teach it to them!
  • Finally uncover the single most important thing you can do to create life changing commissions. (If you need money fast you'll love this one because it's easy to master and cranks out commissions rapidly.)
  • The big mistake most affiliates make when creating bonuses. (Just about everyone makes this deadly error but one little switch you can start raking in quick commissions easily.)
  • A secret insider strategy to multiply your commissions every time you promote something. (This one's staring you in the face and you'll love how we’re GIVING you the tools to do it.)

Phase Three

“Your Promo Campaign”

Make yourself into an instant traffic magnet that CONVERTS clicks into buyers!

  • You will FINALLY learn the EASIEST possible way to run Facebook Ads. When you learn these 4 things to focus on EVERY ad you create will be a winner.
  • Discover the trick to targeting the EXACT people who are looking to buy a product. You’ll be like an expert facebook ad sniper pinpointing buyers left and right.
  • Learn how to manipulate your FACEBOOK PIXEL to assemble specific audiences to sell to INSIDE OF FACEBOOK. This tactic will bring you in money and make you a HERO for solving peoples problems!
  • Get the insider methods for creating a HIGHLY PERSUASIVE EMAIL followup series. Following through with this technique makes sales for you 24/7/365 on complete autopilot.

And That's Just The Training...
Now Check This Out!


RPS - OP2 Bonus Template

  • You're going to LOVE our professionally designed and “READY TO EDIT” Optimize Press Bonus Page Template.
  • This template is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate sales.
  • Skip the learning and testing phase and shortcut right to the COMMISSIONS using this time tested beauty!

RPS - Crush Campaign PDF

  • The most powerful followup email series ever created, the “Crush Campaign” will maximize the profits you earn from EVERY campaign.
  • Tested and PROVEN to get results by dozens of super affiliates, it's helped win some of the biggest cash prices to date.
  • When you learn the secrets to the Launch Crush Factor, you’ll be amazed at how fast it gets you results!

Your Own
Custom Bonus Products!

FIVE (5) Brand New BONUS Products complete with a beautiful set of graphics and Private Label Rights!  Save time and remove the stress of creating bonus incentives for your prospects! These 5 products are all original and YOURS WITH Private Label Rights!

We're going to teach you how to create a compelling offer that converts and leads to profit. In this training we're going to discuss not only the frontend of your product but how to profit from the backend as well.

It takes a long time preparing for a launch, this is why you want to make sure that during the duration of your launch, that you are focusing on things that will affect the outcome of the launch directly.

Subject lines are another aspect of the funnel that often gets overlooked because it's literally at the beginning. A subject line that stands out is going to get more opens, that's where the whole process begins.

Membership sites are an excellent way to inject a reliable recurring income into your business. You'll learn how to get the customers into your site which will bring in the recurring income you need.

Uncovers the truth about traffic! The good traffic and the bad traffic. Learn why not all traffic you get can be good, and that MOST traffic can actually hurts your business, and about creating your sales page.

This thing is so robust that you’d take years to assemble it all and pay and arm and a leg in the process. Just picture having all this at your fingertips..

  • EXACT Buyer Location Training - (If that even exists) Would cost you at least $97
  • Funnel Building Course - If its actually good by a well known expert will cost at least $297
  • Advertising & List Building Courses The Good ones sell for $97 (and up)
  • Five Bonus Products - This is a doozy because they are all ORIGINAL so producing each book would cost you at least $500 and the image sets are $60 (you’re getting FIVE of these)
  • Proven 6 Email Campaign - Would cost you at least $300 from a decent copywriter.
  • OP2 Bonus Page Templates - Not sold individually but we value ours at $97

And There's MORE...

To push you over the fence, Melinda decided to add a few free EXTRA resources for you too...

RPS - Guaranteed Promo Approval

We’ll allow you to promote 5 of our products using a special code AND we’ve procured codes for 15 additional top converting products from our closest JV Partners.

RPS - Vendor Approach Script

Copy this EXACT text into JVZoo when requesting to promote products and 9 out of 10 times the affiliate will instantly approve you.

RPS - PLR Bonus Resource List

This list contains our secret online sources for finding additional quality PLR that you can use for creating bonuses without breaking the bank!

Just Do The Math Here...

If you knew exactly what each of these pieces required AND IF you could find individual experts to get them from, you would easily be forced to pay $3,688.00, but you’re getting the whole kit and kaboodle here today for a measly ten bucks.

No, I’m not nuts and I’m not a con artist. I’ve been in this industry way too long to be either one of those. The price is super low TODAY for a good reason.

I could have continued to hoard this reliable and super profitable method all for myself but I realized that selling this to you at such a ridiculously affordable price actually BENEFITS ME MORE!

You see, Melinda and I are super affiliates, but we are ALSO product vendors and by teaching you our most precious secrets you’ll be able to make lots of money promoting OUR products too!


And It's Mutually Beneficial!

So why not give it away for free you ask? Well that one is simple. I’ve learned a very important lesson over the years and that is… you’ve got to have skin in the game! If I gave it to you for nothing I’d be devaluing one of the greatest things we’ve ever created.

Investing just a couple of bucks shows me you're serious enough to get started BUT LISTEN, you need to snap this up right now because I want to work with ACTION TAKERS not tire kickers or procrastinators.

When This Limited Time Special Is Over, You'll End Up Paying Way More To Get In Later.

Don’t be that one person that always kicks themselves in the ass later because you missed the special discount entry price. You’re going to regret not getting in right now because you’ll be forced to pay more when you come back.

You don’t have to keep struggling to make money online any more. Those days can be over for you right now if you take action here but, I understand that this kind of success scares some people.


money back logo

Omar & Melinda's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This product comes with a risk free 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that you’ll love the training but if you change your mind for any reason just let us know within the first 30 days from purchase and we will refund you 100% via PayPal.  No hoops to jump through, No gimmicks, No Bull Crap.

phone-logo-md Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns 866-205-3389

It’s Time To Decide.

You’re Either In Or You’re Out.

Click the button below and join our family of successful affiliates learning to use the Rapid Profit System today. After you pay you’ll be taken right to the welcome video with instructions on what to do next.

We’ll see you on the next page.

Melinda Martin CEO
Omar Martin CMO
HigherLevelStrategies, Inc

Omar & Melinda, I Want This Rapid Profit System So I Can Earn BIG Affiliate Commissions!

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money-back-guarantee-sealThere is no risk whatsoever and I should grab The Rapid Profit System RIGHT NOW for just the small, ONE-TIME, ONE-OFF investment of just $27 (current discount price below)

I have a FULL 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, and nobody is allowed to ask me anything or try to pitch me something else if I decide to ask for my money back.

Rapid Profit System

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Omar Martin

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100% Risk Free
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We stand behind our products and customers 100%.
Our main focus is to do everything in our power to make your experience delightful and your business profitable.

Melinda Martin

Chief Executive Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill I be able to use this as a complete newbie?

    YES! As long as you can get on the Internet, then the Rapid Profit System can work for you, if you follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • q-iconHow do I get instant access?

    Just click the order button and once your order is complete, you will receive the access details to Rapid Profit System in your inbox immediately. Just log into the site with your access details and start learning right away.

  • q-iconDoes this work for any niche?

    YES! The skills and techniques taught in the Rapid Profit System can be used for any online business, regardless of the niche.

  • q-iconWhat if I need help or have questions?

    When you purchase Rapid Profit System, you become a part of a larger community full of members at all levels. There is never a shortage of help. And our superstar support team is always available to help you with accessing your course.

  • q-iconI don't get it. Why so much value for such a little price? What's the real catch?

    We are doing this because we remember what it’s like to struggle as a new affiliate. There is only one catch. Remember, RPS is not some push button, get rich quick scheme. You will learn a proven tested affiliate system, but it requires your commitment to make it work.

  • q-iconWill I need to spend money to make this work?

    Any serious business needs some investment in the proper tools and resources. Inside the RPS members area we have provided as many tools and content as we can to save you time and money.

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